It’s finally here – Phase One of our Transition Plan To bring all services back online. We are currently in Phase Zero, but it’s been 20 days since our last positive test result for Coronavirus! So, we’ve met the benchmark of no Covid-19 positive cases for 14 or more days.

The phased reopening is not a return to pre-pandemic normal. It’s like we’re currently on an unsafe highway that was shut down to through-traffic so resurfacing supplies and equipment could be gathered. Our phased reopening is not a return to high-speed travel on the interstate. The phases serve as different degrees of construction warnings. The reduced speeds and restricted lanes protect both the driver and those working on the road. Some degree of warning and modified lanes will exist, until it’s safe for both drivers and workers, in order for the road to fully reopen at previous speed limits.

This phased plan presents a pathway for reopening that relies on the core actions we must all consistently take to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These core actions reduce individual and community risk, and they are actions we can take daily. They include physical distancing, wearing cloth face coverings, handwashing, cleaning surfaces and staying home if you’re sick or instructed to isolate/quarantine. We will only be able to safely maintain our reopening efforts if all of us commit to maintaining those core actions.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is still cautioning senior communities about the virus, since several states are experiencing an increased number of positive cases once again. As of the writing of this memo, the status of Covid-19 cases in our corner of the world is as follows:

 Total  Last Seven Days
USA  2,275,645
TN  35,102  5,561
Wilson County  656  21
Rutland Place  14  0 Last positive test was on June 3, 2020

We are aware that our residents are anxious to have their daily routines “back to normal”, as we all would like, but the new road needs to be built. Therefore, each department has developed a 3- to 5-phase plan to transition their services back into operation. We are now ready to implement Phase One, effective Monday, June 29th, building that path to A New Normal with the following services, but with the caveat that should someone test positive for Covid-19, we will revert back to Phase Zero (full quarantine):

All meals will continue to be delivered to each apartment including Continental Breakfast.

Modified housekeeping services will begin Monday, June 29th, by reimplementing the old schedule, but now there will be a maximum of 30 minutes housekeepers will spend in the apartment. To accomplish this change, residents will have the choice of tasks to be completed during that timeframe. The housekeepers will call you to schedule your upcoming housekeeping day and time:

  1. Masks are to be worn the entire time the housekeeper is in the resident’s apartment.
  2. Social distancing must be observed. Those residents who are able will be asked to wait out in the common area until the housekeeper has completed her visit.

Laundry Rooms – Use of the laundry facilities will be restricted by appointment only. Doors will be locked weekday evenings and weekends. Sanitizing between uses will continue.

Maintenance – Only essential work orders will be serviced during Phase One. The Front Desk should continue to be notified in the event of any maintenance need. Trash pickup will continue from outside apartment doors each day.

In order to allow for some of the services to return, there will also be other changes that must occur:

  1. The Fitness Center will be open with limited hours. A signup sheet will be available for you to schedule your time in the center to observe social distancing.
  2. Common areas will open to all residents, but social distancing and masks must always be used. Sanitation several times during the day will continue.
  3. Transportation will be available for essential medical appointments only.
  4. Resident Activities Events will be restricted to outdoor events only.
  5. Outdoor walking with social distancing – masks may be removed for the walk but must worn at all times indoors.
  6. Mail will continue to be delivered to residents’ apartments.
  7. Residents are asked NOT to leave the property unless an essential doctor appointment need has arisen and Karen Tucker has been notified. Any resident who leaves the property must be isolated upon return for a period of 14 days to minimize possible exposure of Covid-19 to other residents and staff.
  8. Coronavirus testing of all employees will be conducted every 30 days. Employees who test positive will be required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. If a resident should develop a Covid-19 illness, all residents will be tested as soon as arrangements can be made, and the community will revert to full isolation.

Though it seems we are re-opening the building, we are not. The goal is to slowly transition back to full access, so for the time-being we must continue to restrict access:

  1. Visitors are restricted to essential medical personnel and vendors.
  2. No family visitation indoors or outdoors.
  3. Entry and exit will continue through the front door only.
  4. Screening at the front door will continue.
  5. Packages, groceries, etc. From family, friends, and delivery services are to be dropped at the front door. Sanitizing of all packages and groceries will continue. Staff will deliver all drop-offs to the resident’s apartment.

Those residents are clients of Rutland Home Care Services will continue with on their current schedule.

It is our intent to provide our residents with a safe and comfortable environment within legal guidelines. Though Phase One is not the full open-door protocol some of you had hoped to obtain, it does start us on the path to that end goal. We’re looking to our residents to help us keep everyone safe, but also provide residents the ability to move around and enjoy socializing with their neighbors once again. We can’t do this without the help and cooperation of all the residents, and we look forward to the opportunity to begin Phase Two, hopefully, in another 2-3 weeks. (We must be free of any Covid cases for a period of at least two weeks in order to move on to Phase Two.)

Any questions or comments you may have about the transition plan or any part of Phase One should be directed to the Front Desk. Please keep safe, wear your masks, and remember to maintain social distancing!